Week 3 Meal Plan

Mix and match recipes to your preference.  This is only a suggested plan to follow.  Attached links will provide you with the full recipe.

Note:  While I have tried these recipes in my home, I did not develop most of them.  In the interest of their originator, I have tried to provide credit where credit is due to the best of my knowledge.

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Snack
      • Side of fruit (peaches, grapes, apple, nectarines, etc)
    • Dinner
      • Stirfry with Cauliflower Rice
        • Make your cauliflower rice.
        • Heat skillet over medium heat.  Add 2 Tbsp of olive oil to the pan.  Saute chopped onions, sweet potato (finely diced), cabbage, various peppers (if desired), broccoli, garlic, and/or any other veggie you prefer.  Try to have at least 2.5 cups of chopped veggies with 1/2 tsp of garlic powder, 1/2 tsp of onion powder, and S&P to taste.  Add 2Tbsp soy sauce OR coconut aminos (CHALLENGE!) for additional taste during cooking time.
        • Top cauliflower with veggies & serve!
        • Side Note:  If you intend to have cauliflower rice with kabobs later in the week, go ahead and process the entire head of cauliflower.  Save it in the refrigerator until ready to cook!
  • Thursday
  • Friday:
    • Breakfast
      • Pineapple Protein Smoothie

pineapple smoothie

  • Lunch
    • Mason Jar Salad from the Two Bite Club
    • Suggested Protein – Leftover Chicken from Thursday’s Dinner
  • Snack
    • Side of fruit (grapes, clementines, apple) with handful of raw almonds
  • Dinner
  • Saturday:
    • Breakfast
      • Eggs with Breakfast Sausage or Turkey Bacon, Avocado, & serving of fruit
      • Car camping trip:  Scramble your eggs with sausage and put into a whole wheat wrap for a breakfast burrito for a less mess breakfast at your campsite.  Baby food squeeze pouches are also excellent sources of fruit when you’re camping.


  • Sunday:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Snack:  Lara Bar with a side of fruit.
    • Dinner
      • Veggie Hummus Wraps
        • Chop a few of your favorite veggies.  We typically use a green (spinach/kale/arugula), various sweet peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, or carrots.
        • Layer 2Tbsp. of your preferred hummus on whole wheat wrap.  Add veggies & roll into a burrito.
        • Enjoy with leftover sweet potato wedges or chips for a quick meal.
  • Dessert/Sweet Treat:  Key Lime Bites by Nutritionist in the Kitch

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